By Sheena on September 13,2016

2016 Autumn Yiwu Collections Trade Fair


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2016 Autumn Yiwu Collections Trade Fair is planed to kick off on Oct. 14th, and end on 16th, and then collection dealers from all over the country will gather at Yiwu, and create a fair and free trade platform for collectors and antique lovers. 

This session is featured of rich and diverse activities. Collection trade fair is held from Oct.14th to 16th. Later, the 9th China Oven Appreciation Fair is kicked off on Oct., 16th and ended on 18th. What’s followed is the Song Dynasty Teaware Exhibition from Oct., 13th to 16th. At last comes the Xuande Oven Appreciation Speech on Oct., 18th, teaching you how to pick a valued Xuande Oven. 
As introduced by some related, with these years’ development, Yiwu Collection Market is famous for holding a large-scaled, highly spreading, and well-known collection trade fair, which is well received by massive antique dealers and collection lovers. In this Autumn trade fair, the preparatory committee plans to set up two specific zones, boutique exhibition zone and regular exhibition zone as to the varied request of customers’. 
Here is the thing. We have to promote another influential trade fair, the 9th national oven collections trade fair which is conducted by Yiwu Collections Market Association, is held from Oct., 16th, to 18th. For domestic oven collectors, it’s really a rarely big opportunity to appreciate precious oven collections. As far as we have concerned, with the warming of domestic artistic collections fever, Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty ovens are becoming hot cakes. Many collections lovers are going for a chance to keep ovens as collections. So far, the National Oven Collections Trade Fair has turned out to be an influential and high-level copper oven collection exhibition fair. 


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