By Sheena on September 05,2016

A Letter from Yiwu Public Health Bureau to Foreigners

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Dear Visitors,
Welcome to the beautiful Yiwu.
Yiwu is the first and the only county-level city to be implemented the comprehensive reform. It’s the world’s largest small commodities distribution center, and regarded as the World’s largest market by United Union, and World Bank. 
In 2004, Yiwu was granted the title as National Health City, and it is having its second verify now. So far, the whole Yiwu city has taken full strength to win the honor again. Thus, here we are inviting all Yiwu people to keep a health and harmonious living and commercial environment. 
First, everyone should be engaged in this task. It’s a responsibility for each Yiwu people, no matter you are a local resident, or permanent foreigner. Speak up for your ideas and get involved in the process. 
Second, start from ourselves and set a good example. To keep the honor as the national health city means to put the responsibility into your conscious mind while you are working, traveling, doing business or living in Yiwu. Start from today and begin from little things. Cultivate a good habit of keeping nice public order and positive living and health way. Get rid of all badly-built behaviors and keep standing self-discipline. 
Third, conform to public rules and live a health life. Take a civilized citizen’s standard as a reference. Obey to the social rules, and intensify the environment health and public transportation realization. Make an effort to maintain the city’s environment and public facilities. 
Fourth, spread the righteousness and build a positive atmosphere. You are warmly invited to take part in the social supervision. Take an initiative to curb all negative behaviors that are doing harm to the Yiwu image. 
Distinguished foreigner friends, thank you for your caring and support to Yiwu’s health city plan. Let’s get together and use our passion, sincerity and hardworking, to make Yiwu, the small commodities metropolis be better. 


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