By Sheena on September 07,2016

Application for 2016 Yiwu International Marathon Game Participation is 3 days to go


Yesterday, Yiwu Culture Broadcast and News Bureau announced that 2016 Yiwu International Marathon Game will be held on Nov., 20th, with the theme of New Silk Road, and Let’s Get Running. Same to the last session, this marathon game starts at Meihu Sports Center as well. The application procedure is working on September 10th. 

The Marathon Game is undertook by Chinese Athletic Association, Zhejiang Sports Bureau and Yiwu Government, contracted by Yiwu Culture Broadcast and News Publication Bureau, and Yiwu Choushang Sports Developing Co., Ltd, under the instruction of Zhejiang Sports Game Center. 2016 Marathon Game sets up the 2.1 kilometer Family Running for the first time, aimed at encouraging more families to attend in the marathon games. For the first time also, Yiwu International Trade City, Meihu Sports Center, Yiwu Port, and New International Trade City Passenger Center those iconic buildings are added to the running route. With the TV and broadcast, Yiwu is intending to show the whole game on live. 
As far as we have concerned, Yiwu International Marathon Game has been well received by local people. Lots of foreigner friends are excited to join in. This year is featured with a large scale and refreshed game contents. So far, we have known that the game contains Men Half Marathon, and Women Half Marathon(21.0975 kilometers), Men Mini Marathon, and Women Mini Marathon(6.5 Kilometers), and Family Running(2.1 Kilometers). Participants are expanded to 10,000 including 3,000 Half Marathon and 5,000 Mini Marathon. In order to attract more excellent participants, the preparatory committee raises up the winning allowance and increases the number of winner vacancies. 
Meanwhile, the preparatory committee optimizes the gaming organization and their service, such as the fuel adding, emergency handling, etc, so as to provide a better experience for each participant. On the other side, the committee will inform all participants news, cautions, reminders through text, to secure each one has received the updates. 
  1. All participants should apply for the participation qualification between September 10th -Oct., 20th, on or Yiwu International Marathon Preparatory Committee in person. 


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