By Sheena on September 26,2016

BRT Jinhua-Yiwu Be In Service Soon

BRT Line
We’ve obtained the news from Yiwu Transportation Bureau that, BRT No.3 Line is expected to be in service upon the approaching of Chinese National Celebration Day. At the same time, BRT No.1 Line, the first rapid transit bus line is going to be put in use in this year end. In accordance with the unique feature of Jin-Yi Metropolis District, BRT No.3 Line is divided into A Line and B Line, and contains 9-10 bus stops. 
Respectively speaking, A line starts from Jinhua and ends at Yiwu International Trade City. Stops include Bayi Road, JinHua East Station, Jin-Yiwu Metropolis District Bonded Tariff Zone, Jin-Yi Metropolis District Passenger Center, Longhui, Binwang road and International Trade City Station. B Line is traveling back and forth Jinhua and Yiwu too. Stops contain Bayi road, Jinhua East Station, Jin-Yi Metropolis District Cainiao City, Passenger Station, Longhui, Binwang Road and International Trade City Station. 
Because Jinhua Station South and North Square are two irrevocable one-direction road, for the downward direction, Line A and B need to add one more stop-Jinhua South. Thus, upward direction includes 9 stops and downward direction for 10 stops. 
Compared to the downtown BRT, BRT No.3 Line is of longer journey. It extends more than 22 kilometers and takes more than 2 hours to travel along the whole trip. BRT 1 and BRT 3 runs the same type of vehicle, and each day handles about 80 trips. As far as we have concerned, the whole journey only takes about 10 yuan. 
BRT 1 is the first rapid transit bus line in Yiwu history. It consists of 17 stops, and they are Longhui, Xinke Road, Liuya, Yi Kai Gai, Jixiguang Road, Beicun Road, South Unit, Minzhu Road, Huangyuan Garment Market, North Unit, Binwang Commercial District, Binwang Road, Zongze Road, International Trade City District 1, International Trade City District 2, International Trade City District 3, and International Trade City Passenger Center. 


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