By Sheena on October 11,2016

Bridge Connecting Yiwu and Chili

 Cheng’s Fruits, a store selling Chili fruits exclusively, is located at Hongdi Road, Chengzhong West Road, Yiwu. The owner CHENG Jianxin is a well-known Chili Chinese, who had been doing business in Chili for more than 10 years. He has accustomed to local fruits and wines. After he returned to Yiwu, he started wondering why not to bring Chili specialties back to Yiwu.

Surprisingly, his idea got a lot support from friends. He figured out more and more Yiwu people are willingly to try the imported wines and fruits. Thus, he decided to do it. Cheng becomes a member of the first group who importing fruits from Chili. For many years, Cheng has brought Yiwu small commodities to Chili, and now, he acted as another role. He begins to introduce Chili fruits back to Yiwu again. 
In the past years, he did business alone in Chili. He told us the biggest obstacle was the language barrier and misunderstanding local laws. A foreign businessman was hard to protect their benefits in occurrence of disputes. But Cheng conquered that, and managed to make a living there. More than that, in 2006, Cheng Jianxin proposed to found the Chili China Yiwu Chamber Association. For now, there are more than 100 members. Nowadays, nearly 90% cargoes in local markets are from Yiwu and redistributed to the whole South Africa countries. “We are doing business overseas. We earned our money through hard working.” Cheng said. The purpose of the Chili China Yiwu Chamber Association was to create a team where members could help one another. 
No matter how busy he is, Cheng insists on returning back Yiwu every year. He keeps bringing great projects and promotion information to Chili, and meanwhile, takes it to his chance to publicize Yiwu market. He says, making a contribution to their hometown is every businessman’s dream. Last year, Yiwu held the 1st Returning Businessmen Awards Game, and Cheng Jianxin got an award. On the stage, Cheng rattled the drum, which is the symbolic article of Yiwu spirit. He made up to do something to pay back Yiwu. 
Now, Cheng spends half of year in Yiwu. He is ready to make something different and brings good quality Chili fruits back to his hometown, and then sells them in a cheaper price. He insists on avoiding publicizing in order to get a cheaper price. Now his career has stepped on the right track. “Chili is the longest coastal city in South Africa. It is abundant in water resources. I hope next, more Yiwu people could enjoy superior seafood.”  


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