By Sheena on August 11,2016

Buy Brazil Jewelry at Yiwu Market

Brazil, millions of kilometers away from Yiwu, is undertaking the once-every-four-year Olympic Games. Lots people are booking tickets and flying to Rio to watch games. The Rio Olympic Games is bringing Rio even the whole Brazil economy up to a new level. In the meantime, Yiwu, which has been engaging in trade relationship with Brazil for tens of years, is going through a sales surge in exporting shares during these months. 

At the first floor of International Trade City District Five, also known as the Imported Commodities District, a row of Brazil Flag LED lights are coming into your eyes. All boutiques around there are dealing with the jewelry business, and original resources are from Brazil. Brazil gems are famous around the world, and about 70% of colorful gems are coming from Brazil. We should say, nearly 90% of elaborate color jewelries you can see are certain to be Brazil's color gems. In other word, Brazil is the jewelry cradle. 

Yiwu Junfu Trade Company is the first one taking on importing crystal caves from Brazil. In 2006, the company's getting on the right track. In order to optimize the profit, Guo Jifu, the owner of Junfu Trade, was thinking about purchasing crystal caves directly from Brazil. Thus, Guo flied to Brazil and stayed there for a month. At the first time, Guo purchased 25 containers of crystal caves. It turned out to be a huge hit at the Yiwu market, and they were sold out quickly. After that, Guo's business has been on the rise all the time. 

"Customers from America and Europe are fond of wild and intimidating jewelry styles, while Asian customers prefer to delicate and fancy ones." In these years, depending on the innovation and high quality, Junfu Trade is starting to process the imported Brazil gems and then sell handmade jewelries back to Brazil. 




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