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China Yiwu International forest products Fair

China Yiwu international forest products Fair was founded in 2008,was held on November 4 , hosted by the state forestry administration, Zhejiang people's government, and has been successfully held for four consecutive terms. It is a green, low carbon, environmental protection exhibition, international level, influence are among the top of the Asian counterparts

Exhibition range:

Bamboo Household:

bamboo household furniture, stairs, doors and windows, cabinets, flooring, man-made board, line, log, square,timber, veneer, bamboo and wood building materials, decoration design, etc.

Bamboo Handicrafts:

gifts, jewelry, natural jewelry, photo frames, picture frames, decoration, exhibition, wood carving, bamboo weaving, bamboo, bamboo carving, charcoal carving, lacquer, etc.

Bamboo Daily Uses:

toys, kitchen utensils, tableware, tea set, stationery, cleaning utensils, washing utensils, bed supplies, health supplies, automotive supplies, activated charcoal, bamboo charcoal daily necessities, bamboo charcoal products, bamboo fiber products, wicker, the cane makes up, paper products, packaging products, etc.

Forest Leisure Products:

outdoor products, fish products, barbecue supplies, sports supplies, recreational equipment, chess, sauna foot bath equipment, leather goods, bags, etc.

Forest food:

tea, wine, drinks, soft drinks, snack foods, canned, health food, edible oil, spices, fresh fruits, dried fruits, edible fungus, vegetables products, food additives, bamboo, medicinal herbs, wild vegetables, wild plant and animal domestication and breeding products etc.

Gardening class:

seeds, seedlings, ornamental plants, cut flowers, dried flowers, bionic flowers, grass, bonsai, horticultural suppliers, landscape design, etc.

Forestry equipment class:

bamboo garden machinery, woodworking machinery, transport machinery, forest fire fighting equipment, plant diseases and insect pests prevention and control of greenhouse equipment, apparatus and instruments, food and beverage packaging and processing equipment, etc.

China yiwu international forest products expo


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