By Sheena on August 13,2016

Chinese Mosquito Prevent Net Tent in Yiwu Market

 2016 Rio Olympic Games is ongoing. Asides from those excited games, the other most-astounding scenes are those Made-in-China items. First, it’s the Chinese traditional remedy-cupping. On the swimming pool, the gold medalist Michael Phelps and his red spot got his 22th gold, which put the cupping therapy under the bright spotlight. It’s a therapy technique used in traditional Chinese medicine that athletes employ to help their muscles recover. The process involves a practitioner heating small glass cups, and having them on the patient’s skin. When those cups are pulled out from the body, the patient will feel loosen and relax the muscles. 

Another marvelous item goes to the mosquito proof net tent. Reports have showed that ever since Brazil was hit by the Zika virus, many athletes are taking drastic measures to protect themselves from mosquitoes. For instance, South Korean Olympic Team is wearing Zika proof outfits and having them sprayed to ward off bugs. Australia athletes are also wearing long trousers and long-sleeve shirts and jackets, despite the temperature being over 80 degrees. Unluckily, those clothes packs were stolen in the middle game. However, the most astounding one is the Chinese mosquito-prevented net tent. Spain medium called it as the Chinese Magic to avoid mosquitoes. Meanwhile, on the internet, photos about athletes sitting inside net tent are becoming a huge hit. Lots pals are wondering how to purchase such a tent. Here I am introducing where the tent market in Yiwu
Mostly, mosquitoes-prevented net tent are sold around District Four and Five in Yiwu International Trade City. But the original factories are more likely to come from Jiangsu province, where is concentrated on producing textile products. We interviewed a couple of suppliers at the market. They told us in addition to the simple mosquitoes-proof net tent, those with various styles, and multiple functions are more received by customers. 
First best seller is the hanging mosquitoes-proof net. Bao Suzhen is dealing in mosquito net tent wholesale business at District Five, Yiwu International Trade City. We can see lots of colorful tents for avoiding mosquitoes. As introduced, it’s simple to set up the hanging mosquito-proof net. Install a hanger on the ceiling, and put the whole net on. That’s done. The largest selling point is that it takes small space, and provides many styles. “They are popular among teens” Bao said. The second one is the baby protection tent. It’s a special type of bed tent which can protect babies from falling off. It’s designed for kids from 0-3 ages and prevents them from mosquitoes and falling off beds. 


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