By Sheena on August 02,2016

Cross-border E-commerce Reboots Yiwu Market

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 Organized racks of colorful small commodities are standing at the one thirds standard football ground. Several clerks are sweating and busy in tapping the computer keyboard, inputting article information, printing courier bills and wrapping the package. This is a scene at Yiwu Jimao E-tech warehouse, which is not unique in the whole Yiwu market. Since it’s entering into the sales peak, nearly 10,000 pieces of parcels need to be delivered out everyday. In the late 3 years, this company has seen a 20% growth rate on its cross-border E-commerce market. 

According to related statistics, in the first half year, Yiwu has exported about 98.952 billion RMB, a up of 4.44% on the year-on-year basis. It exceeded Zhejiang province by 1.6% and China overall by 6.5%. Certainly, cross-border E-commerce has become a new engine to gear up Yiwu’s export sales. In the first H1, Yiwu has reaped 29.8 billion RMB on Cross-border E-commerce, which increasing by 14% compared to last half year. Cross-border couriers reached 600,000 pieces averagely everyday, an increase of 33%. In the first 6 months, about 22.61 million parcels went through Yiwu International Mail Exchange Center. The daily summit even picked at 250,000 parcels. Overall speaking, the parcel handling time is shortened by 1.53 day and destinations are covering 127 countries and regions.
The cross-border E-commerce, as a new business, comes out from the depressed traditional exporting market, and turns out to be rather good. Yiwu, a city used to be supported by traditional exporting market, is undergoing a major diversion from the traditional market to the newly uprising E-commerce. Meanwhile, because countless B2C service platforms are sprouting up, small and middle business find a way to seek out. For instance, a Yiwu toy factory used to ask for full payment before shipment. In these couple days, a customer requested for a 120-day deferred payment, which made them so much baffled. Finally, with the support of Yiwutong, a service platform integrating customs clearance, tax refund, logistics, financing into a whole, the factory transferred its financial risk and successfully received 80% of the payment upfront.
Yiwu is committed to build an overall logistics system referring to railway, road, sea, and air. The move has installed a gear up on the process of Yiwu exporting transaction. Currently, Yiwu quickens up its aviation and railway construction, with a purpose to develop a wide logistics network involving road, railway, air flight, ocean shipping, Silk Road, mail road and Yiwu-Madrid cargo train. Since the foundation of Yiwu-Madrid, it has smoothly taken 61 trips as of end June.
In order to aid the growth of cross-border E-commerce, Yiwu constantly optimizes the business environment to help local companies with upgrading and transition. Multiple moves are released to boost global supply chain enterprises; public overseas warehouses are encouraged to be established to assist the expanding of cross-border E-commerce. 


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