By Sheena on August 08,2016

Upgrading and Transition Help Yiwu be the Five-Star Wholesale Market

 These days, Yiwu government officials held a meeting on how to gear up Yiwu market upgrading and transition, which was aimed at building Yiwu as a package service provider including logistics, port and financial service. Import and export business would be supported to protect the well-known brand as the world small commodities wholesale center. 

Sheng suggested Yiwu should further connect the national One-Belt-One-Road scheme, and intensify the interaction between the import and export business, let the import market get more into the regular people’s lives. Meanwhile, we should not forget to expand the e-commerce market share. Enhance each supplier’s consciousness about protecting their brands, and one by one, help Yiwu market to be an international five-star wholesale market. 
Gearing up the transition is the must-have way to secure the market’s prosperity. In this early year, Yiwu government released the announcement to build Yiwu as a five-star international wholesale market by boosting online and offline market’s mix, and import and export markets’ interaction. On the other hand, put forward the concept of brands business, and quicken up the development of market-related business such as E-commerce and trade fairs. “Yiwu market, including each supplier, should bear the responsibility to build itself as the world small commodities market.” Sheng said. 
Sheng pointed out that the transition was the most urgent task currently. Specifically speaking, first, Market Purchase Trade Mode once again proved its effectiveness and we were rest assured to insist on that way. Financing service and business environment were to be strengthened up. When it comes to E-commerce and logistics industry chain, we should put our emphasis on product supply-and-give, platform construction, and warehousing etc. Government should make its best use of role to support Yiwu market’s transition and upgrading.
In a severe slump international trade situation, businessmen should take the domestic market into consideration while they are struggling with the international market. Government should strive to help the growth of import market. On the other hand, technology updating and innovation are needed for Chinese suppliers to take down international competitors. Referring to the export market, the bottom line is to keep our shares in the Middle East, Russia and Africa markets. For the import market, Sheng hoped Yiwu market could be the entrance gate for international brands to enter into China market. 
We should never forget to grasp the development of E-commerce. We should make the most use of Yiwu E-commerce industry chain and its advantage of rich resources with an intention to construct Yiwu as the national online resource supermarket. Last year, Yiwu E-commerce market exceeded by the real market and reaped 151.1 billion RMB sales turnovers. The real market made 124.4 billion RMB turnovers. These two markets are complemented and boosted one another. With a favorable support, the E-commerce and real market will take their full strength. 


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