By Sheena on August 30,2016

Foreign Yiwuese Attitudes towards G20 Summit

G20 Summit

 Speaking of the 2016 G20 Summit, “it’s that China is qualified to hold the event than the G20 conference choose China”, Guo Jifu, a foreign businessman who has permanently lived in Yiwu for 12 years, said proudly. Guo Jifu comes from Malaysia. With respect to his friends’ suggestion, he came to Yiwu for business in 1999. When he saw the absolutely incredible scene that cheap and delicate gadgets were astoundingly everywhere, Guo came to realize that it’s a gold mine. Hence on, Guo started to fly to Yiwu for purchasing at a fixed period time. In 2004, Guo decided to settle down in Yiwu. 

“If I say, China market drew my attention, then, it’s the humanism and the sense of belongings that make me stay here for so long.” Guo told the reporter that Chinese humanism was implied by their passion and generosity to others, and government’s inclusiveness to commercial behaviors. “In Yiwu, I can buy health care for my family. My kids can study here like in my hometown.”
Just like all Chinese nearby, Guo also focused on the incoming G20 Summit. Because of the approaching of G20 Summit, China is going through a refreshing change. “Chinese government is strongly responsible. They act on their words. In order to honor their words, China made a great effort to change. Cities are getting beautiful. People are secured more. All those are the implication of the responsibility. I believe all those are worthy.”
While he is focusing on the G20 Summit, Guo uses his action to support the G20. In order to grant a smooth G20 summit, since from July 15th, Guo, as the leader of World Businessmen Family Club, called on more than 300 businessmen to become blood volunteers. What else, Guo frequently deliver positive sayings throughout his international friends circle.
Guo confessed that he has already named himself as Yiwu people after having resided here for 12 years. “I make a fortune in China. China give me treasure and family. In such a critical moment, I should behave myself and be a good host.”
As the world’s largest small commodities distribution center, Yiwu is inhabited with more than 15,000 foreign businessmen. They are doing business and leading lives in Yiwu, and have already taken themselves as Yiwunese.
Yiwu South Korea Commercial Chamber leader Han Jizheng has lived in Yiwu for 17 years. He has witnessed China’s rapid growth in golden times. Back to 1999 when he first came to Yiwu, Han remembered clearly, “At that time, Yiwu was really small. To some extent, it’s kind of isolated.” but now, “Buildings and markets are sprouting out. International restaurants are emerging everyday. In Yiwu, there is more than 100 South Korean dishes restaurants alone.” With the G20 Summit being around the corner, Han called on a program. He acted as the culture ambassador between China and Korean. 
In the eyes of Han and Guo, Chinese people are friendly and generous. They believe, the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit will impress the whole world, and let more people to know about China and Chinese market.    


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