By Sheena on August 12,2016

Georgia Initialed Wine Warehouse in China

Georgia wine

 On Aug. 10th, Georgia National Government held a grand ceremony to celebrate the move of shipping Qvevri wine to Yiwu overseas warehouse. In this May, it’s alleged that Georgia National Industrial & Commercial Committee and Yiwu Government signed the strategic cooperation agreement. Georgia decided to set up its first Chinese wine warehouse in Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center. This was the successful and important result for mutual cooperation. 

Both parties signed a contract of 360,000 bottles of Qvevri wines. The first patch has been successfully received by Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center, including 10 HQ containers of 210,000 bottles of wines in 16 different names. The rest are to be ordered as planed in September. 
On the ceremony, Agriculture Department officials from Georgia claimed last July, Georgia initialed its Qvevri wine house in Yiwu. This move made Georgia wine quickly spread around the whole China country. Within one year onward, there are ten wine houses in China, and new ones are springing up. In this May, Georgia Industrial & Commercial Committee even signed the partnering papers with Yiwu Government, to launch the first Georgia Wine Warehouse in China at Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center. Georgia Government would try their best to support this decision. 
Yi Xiaojun, the Chinese promoting ambassador to Georgia Culture, said on the ceremony that establishing the Georgia Wine Warehouse in Yiwu was to facilitate its promotion and distribution throughout Chinese market. Meanwhile, it’s also a spread of Georgia culture. We hoped this series of events could have more Chinese aquatinted with Georgia wines. Yi further explained, Yiwu owns the world’s largest small commodities market and is trying to build itself as the entrance gate for global daily consumables to get into Chinese market. By the support of Yiwu market, Georgia wine could enter into the lucrative Chinese market. 
What’s more, in order to let more Chinese people know about Georgia, Georgia and China studios are talking about to shoot movies together. This move aims at raising Chinese visitors’ attention to Georgia tourism, and to feel the more than eight thousand year wine culture.  


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