By Sheena on August 01,2016

How to Deal with Quality Issues

quality issue

 It should be a trouble, no matter the buyer or the seller, if you happen to find any quality issue when the mass cargo arrives at the destination port. These days, Russian buyer IU was approaching Yiwu Market Supervision Bureau for help. In the late March, IU came to Yiwu market and placed 440,000 pieces of toy balloons at Wu’s storefront, which were valued at more than 50,000 RMB. After the lead time, uploading, clearance, the full container of balloons safely arrived at Russia land. 

While both parties were excited about the successful transaction, Russia buyer IU found that these balloons had an unpleasant smell. He doubted that there must be quality problem. He claimed for a 20 thousand RMB refund or withdrawal of the whole patch. However, Wu didn’t think so. “Toy balloon is made of emulsion. It’s quite a normal to have special smell. But that smell doesn’t mean quality issue.” Wu said. Her toy balloons are well-received at Europe and United States, and her business is keeping export-oriented all the time. The quality dispute never happened. In this case, the buyer had the whole patch checked at the shipping time, and he didn’t announce any inferior quality. 
Since both parties could not handle this argument, they came to Yiwu Market Supervision Bureau China Small Commodity Branch for mediation. However, the mediator was also getting stuck. Compared to the damage or color fading, material quality issue is a hard to be recognized. Thus the first mediation didn’t work out. After a while, a seasoned mediator offered a solution. He recognized that the point was how to tell there’s quality issue or not. Since we could not recognize that by eye, the balloon should be sent to the qualified inspection bureau. Therefore, this mediator contacted both parties, and suggested them to send sample for checking. Finally, the result came out that this balloon reached the EU quality standard. As a result, IU agreed on the inspection paper, and approved the balloon quality. 
Here we give a tip to the mass storefront suppliers. When it comes to a quality dispute, don’t argue for that. Save your time and energy by sending the commodity to related inspection bureau for checking. After all, the official quality report is the answer. Meanwhile, it’s a critical link for both parties to check the quality before the mass batch being shipped, in order to eliminate quality disputes later on. 


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