By Sheena on October 06,2016

Indian Businessman Anup learns Chinese from Yiwu Market Suppliers

Indian Businessman Anup

“Hello, My name is Anup, Nice to meet you.” he said to us in Chinese. If we haven’t heard carefully, we couldn’t figure out that the speaker is a real foreigner. However, Anup didn’t think it as a praise. He said “I speak Chinese well because I love China. I love Yiwu.”
Anup is 39 years old, and comes from Kolkata, India. Before he came to China, Anup had been engaged in clothes business in India for years. In 2004, he heard of Yiwu. “My friend tell me there is Yiwu in China, where is a good place for business. They all source cargoes from Yiwu and distribute in India. Thus, here I am.”
“After I arrived in Yiwu, I was impressed. Yiwu small commodities are so cheap and various, and there are so many markets. Therefore, I made up my mind to stay in Yiwu.” At first, Anup helped business in his friend’s company in Yiwu. “I couldn’t speak Chinese at all when I get there. I have to use hand and calculators while sourcing in the market. It’s really out of hand. I should learn Chinese. It’s good for my business.”
Unlike other foreigners, Anup didn’t go to the language training center. Instead, he acquired the Chinese from the market suppliers. Day by day, little by little, Anup could be able to communicate in Chinese. “I really am appreciated my Chinese friends’ help. In the market, and daily lives, they teach me Chinese and do a lot favor on other sides.” With his diligence and friends’ help, Anup started his own business in 2008. He opened a trading company, which is dealing in all kinds of daily consumables and providing service for massive Indian customers.
In the past 12 years, Anup witnessed the huge progress and change that Yiwu had gone through. In other words, Anup grew with the whole Yiwu market. “When I got here, there is nothing. But with the rising of Yiwu International Trade City District one, District two, District three, and so on, I found Yiwu has become the busiest place for doing business.” At this moment, Anup gave a thumb up.
In addition to the economies, what impressed Anup most is the huge progress of Yiwu city culture construction. “When I first arrived in Yiwu, people around me were afraid to talk with me, because I am a foreigner. But now, things are different. You can see many foreigners on the street, and Chinese people love to talk with foreigners.”
Anup has been living in Yiwu for 12 years. He confessed that Yiwu is much better than his hometown. Yiwu city is cleaner and more convenient. “I love this city. This June, Yiwu Municipal Secretary of Communist Party, Sheng Qiuping came to visit my house, and cared about my life and business. I am really touched. I will keep Yiwu in my heart forever.”


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