By Sheena on August 19,2016

NHK Broadcasting Interviewed Qing Yanliu

 In recent days, Japan’s NHK shooting crew came to Yiwu. They were going to stay at Qing Yanliu village to prepare for the Chinese Dream in Taobao Village show. During one month, the shooting crew would interview from Taobao startups to well-known E-commerce giants, from how to sell online to how package and logistics works. They would present what’s truly happening everyday about couples of E-commerce businessmen and the busy scene at Jiangdong Cargo Distribution Center. By presenting a realistic story of their entrepreneurship experience, NHK hopes to inspire Japanese audiences what the Chinese Dream is in the Taobao village.


As far as we have known, the shooting crew are about to finish their first clip in next week, and plan to continue shooting when the Double Eleventh Shopping Gala comes around. Fukuda Kengo, the PD told us, Chinese’s E-commerce has become the global largest E-commerce market, especially, Yiwu, Zhejiang, which has been praised several times by China President Xi, and Prime Minister Li Keqiang. They have heard a lot about Qing Yanliu village. It’s a magical and reinvention for a traditional wholesale market to upgrade into the E-commerce and Internet Economy Giant in the world.


Fukuda said, in the earlier May, he came to Qing Yanliu village and he was astounded by what’s appearing in front of his eyes. “I presumed that Qing Yanliu is a large rural village. But when I arrived, I was surprised by these rows of tidy street blocks full of E-commerce stores, as well as the busy logistics.” He said. Japan owns a strong network of real economies, but it is still at the start stage about the E-commerce, due to the small community economy. It’s really hard to copy the hugging community development method like Qing Yanliu. Thus, this time, we came here to present the Qing Yanliu E-commerce Development Method to Japanese audiences, and to the whole world.


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