By Sheena on August 24,2016

Olympic Games Revived Brazil Economy

Olympic Games

 The 2016 Rio Olympic Games rounded off couple days ago. We were cheering for athletes and yelling for the exciting moments. Besides the excellent moments, we also found that Brazil economies had revived, and the international trade market had turned to the brighter aspect. We could see that from the rising number of Brazil businessmen in Yiwu market. “Brazil buyers are featured with large orders, and good credit. They hold the confidence to get back their economy, which also gave us lots of hopes.” Fu Miaoling said who is a supplier of bamboo products at the market. 

In a long past, Brazil economy had been stuck in the price inflation situation. In order to curb price inflation, Brazil government released the Real Scheme. However, the move took an immediate effect on bringing down the price inflation, but it aroused another worse problems including economy recession. We’ve obtained from market suppliers that under the influence of Brazil economy depression, orders from Brazil buyers had fallen abruptly since from the year before last year. Lots customers canceled their orders. The Real Scheme has obviously and seriously influenced the small commodities market. 
The 2016 Rio Olympic Games indeed did work to boost the Brazil economy and Yiwu market. The most signature instance was Yiwu Chaoqite Toy Company, which won the contract for providing millions of mascot Vinicius to the Olympic Games, as well as countless factories which have been busy with flags orders since from the beginning of this year. Fu Miaoling, owner of Yiwu Jiehao Bamboo Factory, pointed out that “Olympic Games has exerted extremely positive function to Yiwu market. This year, we have made several deals involving in the Olympic Games and Brazil customers turned out to be more promising than ever.”


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