By Sheena on August 09,2016

Rio Olympic Games Mascot Vinicius is Made in Yiwu

Olympic Games Mascot

 In 2014, Vinicius and Tom were voted by all Brazil citizens as the mascot of 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. One year later, a container loaded with 500,000 pieces of stuffed Vinicius toys was heading off Yiwu, Zhejiang to Rio de Janeiro. As a manufacturer of Rio Olympic Games mascot stuffed toys, Zhejiang Yiwu Chaoqite Toy Company totally made 10 mascots series with 1 million pieces of stuffed toys.  

Vinicius represents the Brazil culture. It’s of 20 centimeters height and hanging price is 128 RMB; the 45-centimeter-height one is priced at 198 RMB and the highest one with 100 centimeters is sold at 1,200 RMB. In July, 2015, Chaoqite Toys won the Vinicius mascots contract. One month later, the first patch of 500,000 pieces mascots were uploaded for delivery. The whole container was valued at 14 million RMB. The contract required the supplier to produce 10 series and 1 million Vinicius. The Vinicius is made of super soft and skin friendly fluff material. Each Vinicius is sewn by hand and sewing machine, which makes the toy extraordinarily soft. 
Actually, it’s not the first time for Chaoqite Toys to produce major event’s mascots. Prior to the Rio Olympic Games, it was responsible for providing mascots toys for the Brazil World Cup. Hong Chengfang, the General Manager, is proud of their seasoned experience and superior quality. “It’s the quality and trusts that help us win the contract.” Hong said. 
“Running a company is like how to be a right person. A company should learn to self respect, which specifically speaking, is to focus on quality.” Hong said. Every year, Chaoqite’s toys are listed at the approved quality brands. Hong thought, in the past, Yiwu used to be the representative of cheap and shabby widgets. But now, Yiwu small commodities have gone through a focus transition from quantity to quality. In the future, made-in-Yiwu commodities are sure to get an advantage of its quality, price and added values. In turn, that makes the Yiwu small commodity own a bigger competition around the world market. 


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