By Sheena on August 22,2016

The 22nd Yiwu Fair Is Worth Expecting

 Our reporters obtained from the 22nd Yiwu Fair Zhongshan Promotion Meeting that this grand event planed to be kicked off on Oct., 21 at Yiwu International Expo Center, and end on Oct., 25. As of now, about 1,222 enterprises from Germany, Australia, South Korea, etc, have confirmed to attend in the Yiwu Fair, and the list goes on. Compared to the last fair, the 22nd Yiwu Fair is featured of several edges. 

Yiwu Fair
First, Chinese advanced manufacturing industries are showing for the first time. Made-in-Zhejiang Pavilion is launched to concentrate on displaying the front-frontier daily consumable manufacturing, and to present the most update market information, technology and trade opportunity. That redefined the conception of Yiwu Fair, and infused a fresh idea.
Second, the 22nd Yiwu Fair is going to further optimize the booth layout, and encourage innovative and brands enterprises to attend the trade fair. Next step is to strengthen Yiwu’s traditional industries and cultivate newly-emerging ones. Specifically speaking, hardware and daily consumables are Yiwu’s main strong industries. And at the moment, the market is progressing its cultivation to the pet supplies, fashion cap, automobile supplies, festive supplies, as well as small commodities distribution and micro-brands business. 
Third, the 22nd Yiwu Fair is delicately complemented with 13 outstanding themes, including Made-in-Zhejiang, Winners from Zhejiang Design Smart Competition, IF International Fashion Award Yiwu Fair Tour, China Women Association, Zhejiang Shanghai Cooperation Zone, One-Belt-One-Road New Products Display Zone, Fashion Cap Zone, International Pet Supplies Zone, Micro-Business Brands Zone, Pujiang Crystals Zone, Zhongshan Locks and Kitchen Ware Supplies Zone, Automobile Supplies Zone, and Creative Innovation Designs. 
Fourth, the 22nd Yiwu Fair is enriched with many supporting activities. For instance, brands enterprises and capital market meeting, fashion cap summit forum, and China daily consumable retail purchasing meeting, etc are to be held during the fair. 


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