By Sheena on August 10,2016

The First Book House in Yiwu International Trade City

 Yiwu International Trade City is rewarded as the ocean of small commodities. Here everything can be available. Recently, it becomes a top headline not because of its international reputation as a wholesale market, but it has launched its first library or book store, where kids can enjoy their reading and killing time together. This book store is located at the online service center of Yiwu International Trade City District Five. 

With large glass window, wooden desks, vases, flowers, etc, this 60-square-meter house contains walls of books. “People love to read books here, especially at the noontime and on weekends. Some store owners are coming here to borrow books. Their kids come over writing homework.” He Yan said. She is the opener of this book store. In these two weeks, daily visitor number reaches about 100. They are taking this place to read, and have a relax. Some readers suggest us to offer books for 6-18 ages. In this way, kids don’t need to stick around their parents’ booth all the time. 
At present, there are about 3,000 books in store, which are free offered from Yiwu Library, with a concentration on children reading and economics. Booth owners and businessmen at Yiwu International Trade City can read at the book store at any time for free, only by Yiwu Citizen Card or Library Borrowing Card. 
The founder, He Yan, is a local Yiwu resident, who used to work at a top 500 company in Hangzhou, and returned back to her hometown for starting her own business couple years ago. She said the move was a response to the government’s recall and advocating to massive reading movement. On the other hand, it adds another part of the market service function, and provides a free harbor for businessmen and their kids. 
“Many 80s’ or 90s’ had their fancy memories in the summer vocation at the market, and so did I.” He said. In her childhood, she remembered doing homework or playing with teens around the market. But when she grew up, she began feeling bored about going to parents’ booth at the market. Thus, “I think, a book store at the market can enrich children’s daily activities, and it is really meaningful.”
In the next move, the book store plans to hold cinema saloons, and reading sharing activities in order to bring a richer activity choice to people’s daily life. He told us she would be cooperating with YiwuBuy to promote an O2O book selling method. 


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