By Sheena on August 29,2016

Yiwu-Afghanistan International Cargo Train Launched

 Oct., 28th, Yiwu-Afghanistan international cargo train departed Yiwu West Train Station for the first time, heading to Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan. Its another new international cargo train succeeding those successful launching of Yiwu-Middle Aisa, Yiwu- Madrid, Yiwu-Tehran and Yiwu-Russia, from the global largest small commodities market to the new direction around the world.

Yiwu-Afghanistan international cargo train


The first trip contained 50 cars of 100 containers which were fully loaded with Yiwu small commodities. They were of 1,164 tons and valued at 4.05 million USD. Allegedly, the train exported through Alashankou port to Afghanistan area by way of Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, and finally arrived at Mazar-e-Sharif. The whole journey took 15 days and was about 7,500 kilometers. This is the first cargo train that was launched to travel back and forth between Yiwu and Afghanistan. It is meaningful. It marked a safe, fast, economical and green logistics distribution channel was built.


At the beginning of this year, Shanghai Railway bureau, CRIMT (China Railway International Multiple Transportation), and Yiwu Tianmeng Investment Company which is the owner in charge of all Yiwu international cargo trains, did a research and found out that every year, a vast number of Yiwu small commodities were exported to Afghanistan. According to statistics from Yiwu Commercial Bureau, in 2015, Yiwu exported 20.2282 million USD to Afghanistan, which surged impressively by 2284.50% on a year-on-year basis. In this half year, it showed that trade transaction between Yiwu and Afghanistan reached 18.3211 million USD, an incredible growth rate of 4683.06%. These above three institutes analyzed the transportation market demand, and customized the Yiwu-Mazar-e-Sharif cargo train.


Introduced by Shanghai Railway Bureau, the Yiwu-Afghanistan is the fifth international railway route that is leaving off Yiwu. In addition to other four routes, Yiwus railway network has covered Eurasia continent. In recent years, Yiwu West Railway has witnessed more frequent international trips. Mazar-e-Sharif, as the destination of the fifth cargo train, is also the core to connect the whole Middle East areas. The launching of Yiwu-Afghanistan cargo train directly boosts the connection between China and Middle East and pushes forward the mutual trade, which exerts a deeper and more meaningful influence to the One-Belt-One-Road scheme. 


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