By Sheena on September 20,2016

Yiwu Cap Market Puts The Same Premium on Domestic and International Shares

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 In recent years, global economies has taken on a slow growth pace. Many a enterprises start to speed up their upgrading to tackle this challenge. According to rough statistics, Yiwu cap market used to be composed of 3 domestic to 7 abroad shares. Now, the share ratio has increased to 9:1. Hereafter, we can see from those numbers that Yiwu Cap market has gradually put its concentration on the domestic sales. Under the volatile global business environment, Yiwu cap manufacturers immediately adjusted their business line and orientation. Put the same premium on domestics shares with foreign market, and that makes the whole cap industry keep in a stable mounting state. 

Baseball cap has been in since from 20th century, which also pulled up Chinese cap market’s development. In abroad, wearing a cap is a popular polite manner. Comparatively speaking, cap industry started earlier in abroad. However, with the negative influence of currency deflation, the whole foreign trade situation got worse. However, in spite of that, domestic market is still very promising. A major majority of purchasers browsing around Yiwu market are domestic E-commerce businessmen. They usually start with small quantity, and then come with large orders. 
Domestic and international products are of difference. Abroad consumers prefer to simple type and domestic buyers love high-quality and chic ones more. A piece of common fabric baseball cap costs 15% higher domestically than that of international market. Thus, quality is the critical point. In order to conquer the domestic market, craftsmanship spirit is needed. What else is to strengthen the effort of research. Under the severe competition environment, the only way out is to continue developing new products to attract consumers’ eyeballs. 


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