By Sheena on September 03,2016

Yiwu Landlord Economy to Entrepreneurship Economy

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 Yiwu, known as the world’s small commodities wholesale market, contains lots of business opportunities. Thus, millions of migrants and foreigners are attracted to hunt for jobs or chances here. That makes a special economic phenomenon come into being. Landlord economy has been a long history. A majority of local Yiwu people don’t need to work or seek for job but still have a wealthy life, because of renting their houses for migrants. Don’t overlook those rents. Generally speaking, a Yiwu landlord built a five-layer house. The top one is for themselves, and the below four layers are for renting. Each floor is divided into six rooms. Each room charges 6,000-7000 RMB per year. Some Yiwu landlord can earn 500,000 Rmb a year. Price goes up when the location is closer to Yiwu International Trade City. Literally speaking, a regular migrant who are working in the office, can only earn 50,000 rmb salary a year. In Yiwu, for a migrant, no matter how hard you are working, you can never exceed the income of a landlord. Therefore, a main majority of local Yiwu youths used to enjoy the income from rents, and lack the passion to get entrepreneur. 

In recent years, with the traditional market is shrinking, lots migrants have started to get away from Yiwu. Something hit those Yiwu landlord. Their rent income started to go down. Landlords have to think about how to do the entrepreneurship. The landlord economy has gradually switched to entrepreneurship economy.
Huang Yumao, is a real landlord. He owns two buildings and can earn about 500,000 RMB a year. Unlike other landlords, Huang has a growing mindset. He started to do the business. At present, he is the general manager of an e-commerce company, and standing ahead of the national e-commerce industry. “Living on rent isn’t long lasting. With the approaching of Internet economy, migrants are decreasing, and the landlord economy must be doomed. Thus, we need to think about how to do the business in advance.” Huang did a great job, and he also called on his landlord friends to do so. He trained them and taught them how to use the Internet to make money. Huang used what he learned to pay back the society. 
Meanwhile, the smooth switch from landlord economy to entrepreneurship economy is attributed to the support of Yiwu government. Chengguo E-commerce is an entrepreneurship company sponsored by Yiwu government. It had successfully held several campus summit and recruiting meetings. Since from 2014, Chengguo E-commerce have cultivated and delivered more than 3,000 profession E-commerce talents to the society. 
A government official told us, they did those, aimed at boosting the refreshed Yiwu city image. The whole Yiwu people is striving to make up for their weakness and fight for building the first-tier market in the whole world. As for the government, their job is to supervise the emerging market and instruct those passionate youths to quick get on the right track. Besides, continuous improvements to the entrepreneurship environment and facilitating the support service are their tasks too. All those above measures aimed to help local landlords to get a brand-new view to the entrepreneurship. 


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