By Sheena on August 17,2016

Yiwu Market Cooperated with Haicheng Costume Special Market

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 In Chinese business circle, a saying goes like that 30 years ago, Yiwu people earned their global largest small commodities wholesale market by shouldering sugar for chicken feather; Haicheng people won the national largest costume market by selling pants. Now, these two market giants are going to cooperate, which aim at exploring for a new professional-market-mixture mode to last each market’s prosperity. 

A grand Yiwu China Small Commodities City Project Promoting Conference was held at Haicheng on Aug., 15th. It’s the conference press jointly undertaken by Haicheng government, and Zhejiang China Small Commodities Corp. In addition to medium reporters, more than 300 storefront businessmen attended the meeting. 
It’s the first going-out project for Yiwu small commodities to cooperate with Haicheng city. Hu Yanhu, the chairman of Haicheng Yiwu China Small Commodities Investment Company, told us, since from the reforming and opening phase, Yiwu people earned the global largest small commodities base with their hard working. However, time changes. Yiwu market faces a wave of new problems and challenges. It needs a consistent force of innovation to overcome those obstacles. In recent years, Yiwu government has proposed to let small commodities market go outbound, upward and upper-end strategy. Specifically speaking, going outbound means to output Yiwu market brand, management, service, capital and commodities. Yiwu market distribution center and dispatch network should be built. This time, the cooperation between Yiwu small commodities and Haicheng city is a step to go outbound. 
The Haicheng Yiwu China Small Commodities Project is an unprecedented cooperation between The South and The North markets. As planned, the project covers 286.9 acres, and the total building area is 3.238 million square meters. At present, the first phase project is ongoing, and the whole market will be finished on Sept., 28th. 
Haicheng’s costume market is famous for its long history and large scale. However, with the rising of Internet + and modern logistics, its shares have been gradually evaded. Its market is facing an urgent transition task right now, and this time Haicheng decided to partner with Yiwu small commodities market with an incentive to push forward its transition and upgrading mechanism. 


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