By Sheena on September 12,2016

Another Scope to See Yiwu’s Growth

Honglou Hotel

 From “Chicken Feather for Brown Sugar” to World’s Supermarket, Yiwu has developed tremendously in these 20 years. We saw a miracle from the original Yiwu small commodities market to the grand Yiwu International Trade City. Yiwu couldn’t survive without the supporting from foreigners. In Yiwu, foreigner businessmen are a big part of the commercial environment. We can feel Yiwu’s growth from foreigners’ daily connections. This time, let’s take a close look at the hotel accommodation.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Yiwu is a city built on markets. There crawls the world’s largest small commodities market, where contains more than 1.8 million article species. At present, more than 13,000 foreigners from 100 countries are living permanently in Yiwu. On the other side, this huge wholesale market attracts more than 500,000 overseas buyers coming to purchase. 
The intensive gathering of foreigners made up a specific scene in Yiwu street. For instance, Sentiment Street is busy and bustling each night. Arabic restaurants, grill meat, smoking hookahs, delicious Korean roasted meat. Foreigners played an accountable function to boost Yiwu’s economic growth. 
Honglou Hotel never sound strange for foreigners. Nearly all Yiwu businessmen and taxi drivers know this hotel. We were told that Honglou hotel was a well-known hotel in the 1980s, and it had witnessed the rapid growth of Yiwu’s market. Until now, many Pakistan businessmen are still feeling connected to the Honglou hotel, because that place was their first accommodation in Yiwu. 
Now, Honglou Hotel has transformed into an office building which is accommodating for 30 representative offices. What it had gone through is because of a Pakistan businessmen named Halid. In 1994, Halid set up his representative office at the Honglou Hotel. According to the record, it’s the first foreign representative office in Yiwu. In the later 10 years, global need for small commodities skyrocketed. Halid took it to his advantage, and made a great fortune in Yiwu. His success spread quickly and widely among the foreigners business circle. Soon, businessmen came here from Pakistan, Afghan, and India, and selected Honglou hotel as their first accommodation place.     
Tens of years ago, Honglou Hotel was the venue for foreign businessmen. However, with the rapid development of market, office buildings with better environment have sprouted up. Honglou foreigners have started to move out. In these years, foreigners has moved in and out from the hotel. As with the changing of the market, Honglou hotel is changing too. Nevertheless, a lot new Pakistan businessmen still choose Honglou as the office site, because, in their mind, it’s more like their business camp, a venue for Pakistan. 


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