By Sheena on September 08,2016

Yiwu Market Penetrates into the Brazil Economy

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 2016 Rio Olympic Games has already closed for a while. It’s not so hard for us to realize that Brazil economy had started to revive. The whole international trade market has warmed up. We could draw that conclusion from the fact that Brazil customers are seen rising in Yiwu market. “Brazil customers are usually placing a large order and of a pretty good credit. They have a solid confidence and strike up a new tune to boost their economy, and this gives us hope as well.” Fu Miaoling, an active supplier on Yiwugou B2B platform. “The Olympic gave a pretty optimistic influence to the Brazil economy. We can clearly feel their passion’s fueling up this year. Brazil buyers are seemed to be more positive.”

The influence of the 2016 Olympic Games is uncountable to the Yiwu market. The best example is Yiwu Chaoqite Toys Company who undertook the contract of producing millions of Vinicius mascots. What’s more, a lot of flag factories in Yiwu has never loosen their production pipeline since from the beginning of sports year. 
What Fu Miaoling felt about is not unique. Fu Jiangyan, the owner of a hosiery factory, told us, “Since from this year, we can obviously see the surge of Brazil orders. It price are slightly lower than any other country, but their quantity are pretty huge.”
In 2016, we can see a varied increase of transactions about sports supplies based on statistics from Yiwugou. Obviously, Olympic Games did a boosting to the growth of export business. However, experts pointed it out that post-Olympic Games is a critical period for suppliers. If suppliers want to firmly hold the market, they need to focus on the product innovation, seek for new distribution channels and brand promoting. “Internet+ times is featured with innovation. Factories should keep in the same pace with the innovation updates. Besides from the traditional distribution channel, manufacturers should be good at finding a mature e-commerce platform to support their distribution. It becomes a prevailing tendency for the whole traditional industries to develop with the E-commerce.”


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