By Sheena on August 03,2016

Yiwu Market and Its Solution to Get Better

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Market is the blood to Yiwu economy, and also is the driving force of Yiwu’s development. In the past 30 years, Yiwu people have been only focused on one thing, that’s building the Yiwu market. As a matter of fact, the market does work a lot. It’s renowned as the world’s largest small commodities wholesale market. But how to let such a fancy cheese to keep fresh is the point that every Yiwu people should think about. Though, currently, Yiwu market keeps a stable growth. However, with so many challenges from the E-commerce, and global shrinking international trade market shares, this cheese has been faded away. The advantage of huge traditional market in the past 30 years has eliminated little by little. What’s more, worse problems occurred. A group of suppliers took negative attitudes towards the challenge shock. They were accustomed to the traditional wholesale mode, and lacking the ability of innovation and creation. They made the situation even worse by conventionally lowering the price to gain orders, which seduced themselves into a vicious circle. 

Dangers are not only limited to that. Yiwu suppliers are insensitive to brand protection. They are called the world’s largest workshop, but don’t know how to use brand to protect their techniques. On the second phase, the whole market is till weak in the comprehensive service including financing, insurance, and consultancy. What else, is that big data should be a dominating trend. But in Yiwu market, talents on such filed are still rare. All those above elements have strained the Yiwu market’s ongoing footstep on market transition. If we couldn’t take them down quickly, it must be weakening Yiwu market’s core competition in the future. 
In order to get out of such a situation, Yiwu market should take advantage of the traditional market and newly booming E-commerce. Supplement the diminishing traditional market with the e-commerce market and add the importing market share into the losing exporting shares. Only by that, the whole market cheese is secured to keep sustaining. 
Meanwhile, every move should be taken to gear up the upgrading speed of Yiwu market. Encourage middle and low end enterprises to upgrade to the next level. Take enough support to help them to dig into the creative works. Approve local enterprises to launch E-commerce, O2O experience, and overseas warehouses business. On the other side, Yiwu market should quicken up its construction system of small commodities quality, standard, and brands. Government should support and take its effort to help build Yiwu brands, and strive for developing Yiwu fair as a reputed grand trade feast. On the last stop, import market should be developed, and enhance Yiwu’s stand as the main distribution center for overseas commodities. Time flies quickly. Yiwu, should take every minute to renovate and construct itself as the new worldwide small commodities metropolis. 


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