By Sheena on July 27,2016

Yiwu Released Foreign Businessmen ID Cards

“Just like what I am always saying, I am a Yiwunese. Today when I get this card, it makes me a true and real Yiwunese.” This afternoon, Senegal-based businessman Sura got his own ID card having his full name and photo printed on the cover at the Yiwu International Trade Service Center.  Sura couldn’t believe at that moment that he could get the Yiwu Foreign Businessman Card so quickly. He held the small card and checked it over and over. 
Foreign Businessmen ID Card
“This meant a lot. It is further assured the kindness and generosity of Yiwu city to foreigners. In the past, we used to bring the passport at hand everywhere. It could get lost easily, and the sweat could destroy the passport. Now, with this card, we don’t need to bring passport at hand any longer. When it comes to any administrative case, the Foreign Businessman card represents our legal identification.” Claimed Sura. Yesterday, 15 foreign businessmen including Sura got their foreign businessman cards. They are permanent foreign friends in Yiwu from Singapore, Niger, India, Mali, and so on. 
In order to offer a better environment and service for foreigners who are permanently doing business in Yiwu, and intensify their belongings and self-identification, Yiwu government made this move to create a better working and living environment for foreigners. Yiwu social security citizen cards co., ltd was assigned this task to release the brand-new Foreign Businessman Card, which owns the basic same function as Yiwu Citizen Card and the replacement of passport that is only valid in Yiwu. 
Wali is from Yemen and he has been working in Yiwu for more than 10 years. He said “We are doing business in Yiwu, but also living in Yiwu. This card is really making it easier to live here. It can pay for bus, parking, and shopping at supermarket.”
As far as we have known, those foreign businessman cards that Yiwu government released have been alleged to own the similar identification function with the passport in Yiwu, meanwhile, it has all functions of Yiwu citizen cards, which can pay for public service and consumption. What’s more, holders can enjoy a certain discount if they consume at certified cooperating stores. Like the citizen cards, foreign holders should come to the assigned bank to stimulate all functions.
We interviewed Zhu Xiaofeng, who is responsible for releasing this patch of foreign business cards, and he told us the largest concern driving them to make such a move was to provide a better service to the major group of foreigners. “Letting foreigners enjoy same privileges as local residents is our aim. It’s a reflection of our hospitality and the city’s kindness.” 


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