By Sheena on August 15,2016

Yiwu-Russia International Cargo Line Established

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 On Aug., 13th, the Yiwu-Russia cargo train started her virgin trip, bearing 100 standard containers of Yiwu small commodities and heading off to Chelyabinskaya Oblast by way of Kazakhstan. The whole journey is about 7,200 kilometers and is expected to take 8 days. 

Yiwu-Russia international cargo train is another achievement of Yiwu’s persistent commitment to promoting opening-up and adding extra stops along the Yiwu-Madrid cargo line. It’s another breakthrough succeeding Yiwu-Madrid, Yiwu-Central Asia, and Yiwu Tehran cargo trains, which are all departing from Yiwu and approaching countries on the One-Belt-One-Road schemes. As of today, Yiwu has become the city holding the most international railway container lines in China. 
Russia is our important partners along the One-belt-one road scheme. The train ends at Chelyyabinskaya Oblast in the east of The Urals. It’s adjoined to Kazakhstan and is the largest multi jointed logistics hub. On the economies and trade, Yiwu and Russia are complemented, and have been keeping a close and friendly interaction for years. At present, there are 17 permanent Russia representative offices in Yiwu. In 2015, numbers showed that about 10,120 Russians entered into Yiwu and created trade sales turnover of 507.4 million USD. Averagely, about 80,000 containers of small commodities were purchased from Yiwu market to Russia. At the same time, Yiwu’s online market to Russia has been on the rise. Parcels to Russia have risen to 23,000 pieces each day, which accounted for half of the whole Zhejiang online market to Russia.
Small commodities used to be shipped by sea or the Yiwu-Central Asia railway line, and high-valued cargoes or E-commerce parcels were transited through Ha’erbin airport or Zhengzhou airport. The launching of Yiwu-Russia cargo rail line will do good to the shipping efficiency. The shipping time shrinks by one-third compared to that by road transportation, and cost be saved by four-fifth from the air transportation. 
With facilitating customs clearance procedure, and rich goods resources, China-Europe cargo trains have been a new engine to boost mutual economic development. Statistics showed that Yiwu-Europe cargo trains got boomed in these years, which have surged by 110% compared to last year. Currently, Yiwu has run 62 trips delivering 4,840 containers of cargoes outbound. In that way, Yiwu is coming closer to its target to become a crucial platform for China’s One-Belt-One-Road strategy. 
As far as we have known, Yiwu’s next plan is to extend the line to Moscow. Until then, there will be the Yiwu- Chelyabinskaya Oblast-Moscow line, which is exploring a safe, efficient and convenient distribution channel for Yiwu small commodities. 


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