By Sheena on September 09,2016

Yiwu Traditional Industries Marched into Micro Business Market

Wechat business

 On September 6th, International Mobil E-commerce Expo, also known as Micro Business Expo was rounded off at C zone, China Import and Export Commodities Hall. The 3-day exhibition was sponsored and undertook by China International Beauty Expo and China Wego Holding Group. The International Mobil E-commerce Expo covers ten industries including cosmetics, daily chemicals, large health, knitting, baby articles, farming, and service providers, which attracted a wide range of large-scaled enterprises and well-known brands to take part in, especially, the Langsha, Mengna, and Zhenhan. Taken together, traditional enterprises start to touch the micro business market. 

As far as we have known, by the end of this first quarter, every month we can successfully detect 549 million active Wechat users covering more than 200 countries. Wechat pay users have reached 400 million, which can directly created 11 billion RMB sales turnover. Micro businessmen are undergoing a huge commercial breakthrough. 
During the expo period, the host held several commercial speeches such as the Micro Business Women-The Rising Occupation in the Household, and The King’s Feast-Comes the Hero. Several successful micro business women talked about their legendary and shared their experiences. In addition to this, attendants discussed about how to get rid of the illegal pyramid selling, tax, and wrong industry plans. Those meetings were aimed at solving those real issues in current micro business and shed a bright light on the micro business’s future. 
Wechat business has become a critical part of the mobile e-commerce. With the rationalizing and development of the market, Wechat market shall be deeply explored. Wechat business takes users’ experiences as its advantage, which largely differentiates with other Internet types. By the formation of exhibition, user’s experience is continuously optimized. For instance to shorten and simplify the communication distance between agents and brand owners, and consumers and agents. Wechat businessmen should keep enhancing their product’s quality and all kinds of service. Only by that can consumers erase their prejudice to the Wechat businessmen. 


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