By Sheena on July 29,2016

Yiwu Train Station Starts to Strength its Security Check


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 In order to ensure a high level of security on each journey in summer holiday and the safety of G20 Summit in Hangzhou, passengers, who are heading to or passing Hangzhou Station, should do an extra security check during the boarding process at Yiwu Train Station. Since security is our top priority, everyone should obey to that new rule. At the same time, to make sure everyone can get through security on time, we ask that you allow plenty of time to check in. At least 1 hour prior to departure. 

Three new security screening machines are ready to get working. Since from Aug., 1st, all passengers who are heading to or pass Hangzhou need to do the extra security screening. The security time will last longer. The first security screening is arranged at the entrance gate. All passengers need to go through the first security to enter into the station hall by the presentation of valid ID cards and tickets.

At present, Yiwu train station handles about 36,000 passengers per day, and the number goes to 40,000 at its peak time. Staffs said it usually takes 44 seconds to go through the security. Double check means passengers should to queue one more time, which means the waiting time is doubled. What else's, with the G20 Summit inching closer, since from Aug., 15th, passengers who coming from Hangzhou station to Yiwu station, need to go through security screening as well. 

Experts give some tips to decrease the waiting time. First, passengers choose to book the ticket online. Second, passengers should avoid picking up tickets at the station hall, because it is involving with the first security check while you are entering into the ticket hall. Instead, passengers can pick up tickets from the automatic ticket machine near the square. Those following articles are avoided: fire lighter, perfume, hair spray gel, pesticide, air fresher, wine, knife, beverage, ballpoint pens, etc. In order to get a smooth trip, everyone should not bring those inhibited stuff. 



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