By Sheena on August 27,2016

Yiwu Train Station is Confronting the Peak Volume Challenge


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 With the approaching of back-to-school day, Yiwu Train Station is ready for the second peak volume of visitors. Among those passengers, a majority of them are students who are returning to their hometown for the new school term. It’s not unique in China. Most parents from rural areas have to make a living by working in urban cities. They have to leave kids at hometown because they can’t make the ends meet if they have their kids around. Those kids at their 7-18 ages are travelling forth and back from hometown and their parents’ location during the summer holiday for a temporary family reunion. We call those kids as migrant birds. Because of those migrant birds, every summer vacation, there come twice peak volume at the train station, and bus station. This year, with the coincidence of the incoming of Hangzhou G20 Summit, railway station strengthens its security and guards force to the maximum extent. 

Multiple measures to relieve the traffic stress
As far as we have known, since from July 1st, the beginning of summer vacation, Yiwu Train Station has handled 1.93 million passengers, which bounded by 18.7% compared to last year. Especially on Aug., 22nd, the daily peak volume reached 40,078. “Most passengers are heading to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiangxi, Wenzhou, Anhui, Hunan and Henan. We are expecting 226 thousand passengers during Aug., 26-31st. In this summer travelling, the highest peak volume is around 41,000 on Aug., 28th.” A station staff said. The high peak volume really did put a stress on the station. In order to distract the passenger flow and shorten passenger’s queue time, Yiwu Train Station took out multiple measures to control that. 
First, merge two inspection sites into one. That means passengers only need to go through inspecting machine one time. It efficiently squeezed the queue time to a large extent. Second, security volunteers are deployed. More volunteers are needed to provide direction and checking service. These minor adjustments have caused a great improvement of the station order and inspection efficiency.  


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