By Sheena on July 28,2016

Yiwu market is Vigorous about Innovation and Transition

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 Each day, about 200 new businessmen showed up in Yiwu market. The rate of newly built companies arising at the same specific period has increased by 42% compared to last year. As of now, registered companies have broken the 300,000 record. Yiwu is a wonderland to cultivate dreams and creations, and a magical stage to show legends and miracles. As the dominant force to push market transition and upgrading, market suppliers are actively committed to connect with new industries, mix with online and offline markets, search for new commercial mode, initial going-out strategy, develop multiple brands, etc, which are aimed to innovate and make a breakthrough on the way to developing Yiwu as the middle-high market.

Keep the same pace with newly rising industry
VR, without any doubt, is acclaimed as the most popular product for sure in these days. Bao Haigang, the general manager of FeiTun Digitals, had realized this opportunity long time ago, and now he has displayed a full house of VR glasses at his storefront at Yiwu International Trade City District 2. Bao regarded it as a trial to this unprecedented industry. In this early June, Bao started to do research about his upgraded VR glasses with a target to simplify the frame and enrich color options. Bao believed in himself and was confident that he had found the right wedge to cut into the new blue market. Since Bao changed his identity from sales manager to product manager, he has devoted to the product design and research. Just like Bao, there are more and more businessmen in Yiwu market recognizing the importance of innovation. Meanwhile, under the correct instruction of Yiwu government, the cultural innovation designing industry is getting booming, such as the Yiwu-Taiwan Innovation Design Center, Korea Design Yiwu Base, etc. 
Mix Online and Offline
Since the Exploit brand was brought into Yiwu Imported Commodity Hall, it has distributed on several platforms, such as JD, and Tmall. A team of 30 members have created more than 10million RMB sales amount. “Hot Mommy” adopts the O2O mode, mixing the online and offline experience. Samples are available in the storefront for customer to take an experience, and the real commodity will be delivered from the overseas warehouse or bonded warehouse once a customer pay for by scanning the barcode on the store spot. 
Contract the manufacturing to foreign advanced producers
The hardware tools from Expand International are the best sellers online. In 2010, Wu Xianfa, the chairman of Expand International found the high-quality hardware tool as his niche market. It’s hard to find a suitable factory to do the production in domestic market, and then he contracted the OEM manufacturing to a Germany-based factory. The advanced technology brings out more accurate and harder hardware tools. Now Wu displayed about more than 2,000 sets of processed hardware tools on his own brand, and his target is to export his products to the whole world.
Get the most of the brand
Dennie Toys is one of the earliest toy brands at the market. Cui Xia, the general manager of Dennie Toys, had registered the brand as early as in 2004. After having the brand applied, Cui immediately founded the professional team devoted to designing and promoting wooden toys, child smart toys and classical intelligent toys. With a team of seasoned sales and research members, complemented with perfect after-sale service and complete logistics system, her brand has won a lot of fans. Dennie toys releases 1 or 2 new products every month. For now, it has owned more than 200 distributors around the country. In recent years, more and more storefronts businessmen have stepped on the branding road. The perfect brand system has paid them back and escorted them to grow up. 


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