Order control

Order Status Updates

Order Status Updates

Lance's Online ordering system will update the order status, of course you can also Online instruction, our specialist will deal with your instruction and react the result on the website. Customer service will send you report to let you clearly know the order status, production process, to help you to save lots of cost. Of course this information will be on linkyiwu.com Online order control system (For Lance and Abcsources VIP member only), you can browse the information in any place, any time.




Trust and efficiency - LinkYiwu's order control services are specially designed to help customers control their orders in a better way. As a trustful third party  service provider, LinkYiwu's experts from each specialized team (e.g. Jewelry team, Daily use items team, gifts team) will help you monitor and control each step of  the whole order control process on your behalf, making the control of your order more efficient. In addition to this, users of LinkYiwu's order control service will  have access to LinkYiwu's free online order control system, which is specifically designed for them to follow up and control their orders in a more scientific and  standardized way.

Transparency, convenience and happiness - Once you are a user of LinkYiwu's Order Control Service, you will have access to the online order control system especially  designed for you. Therefore, in addition to the photos in the written report(s), you can also view the actual situation and the whole process of the order online  through the on-site video taken by LinkYiwu's merchandiser(s). This means a lot as you can monitor online the factory's whole production and inspection situation on  site while sitting in your head offices tens of thousands miles away, enjoying the great value LinkYiwu provide you with through the complete transparency they can  offer.

Professionalism - LinkYiwu's well-educated and trained experts from each specialized team (e.g. Jewelry team, Daily use items team, gifts team) will ensure the most  professional order control services are provided to the customers.

One-stop services - LinkYiwu's order control service is an important part of LinkYiwu's one-stop services, and is optional and flexible to use. While enjoying the  LinkYiwu Order Control service, you may also realize the value of the other services LinkYiwu can provide you with, and may wish to try these other services, as they  can help you cover the whole process of supply chain management.

Cost-effectiveness - The LinkYiwu Order Control service is more cost-effectiveness than doing it through your own people.

What is a Linkyiwu order?

A Linkyiwu order is an on-line order management service on the LinkYiwu website. A inspector can fill in detailed information of the order using Linkyiwu's order service system to make sure the consistency and transparency of the order is known to both factory and buyer.

Sample charges during the developing stage

In the stage, the supplier may request the buyer to pay for the developing samples fee or the courier freight fee. Frankly to say, there is a rule to follow in China. If there is an order for the requested model in the future, the supplier would return the courier freight to the buyer with no charge for all the production samples like proto samples, fit sample, pp sample, top samples etc. If there is no order for the requested style, the supplier may charge for the samples. However, some suppliers would request the buyer to pay 1.5 times or 2 times more than the garment cost for developed samples. Therefore, when dealing with a new supplier, the buyer should negotiate with the supplier about the sample charges and have an agreement with them to avoid misunderstanding and disputes in the future.

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