Quality inspection

Initial inspection

Initial inspection

Before production began to conduct a preliminary check. Lance quality inspector will check the initial production situation and the technical data, whether they conform to the requirements of the order. In the early stage, customers understand the actual situation of production through Lance quality inspector's report, to help customers make the right judgments, to help customers take some necessary measures, it will be helpful.


Trust and efficiency - LinkYiwu's quality inspection service is divided into initial inspection, in-line inspection, final inspection, container supervision and sample  pick-up. Upon your request, LinkYiwu inspector(s) will go to the factory (factories) to conduct any of these inspections. The next day LinkYiwu will send you a  professional report(s) on the actual situation of the production, with detailed photos and figures, in order for you to determine whether the goods are acceptable or  not.

Transparency - Users of LinkYiwu's Order Control Service will have access to the free on-line order control system especially designed for them. Therefore, in addition  to the photos in the written report(s), customers can also view the actual situation and the whole process of the inspection online through the on-site video taken by  LinkYiwu's inspector(s). This means a lot as customers can monitor online the factory's whole production situation and inspection situation on site while sitting in  their head offices tens of thousands miles away, enjoying the great value LinkYiwu provide you with through the complete transparency they can offer.

Professionalism - As a third party service provider specialized in the apparel and textile trade industry, LinkYiwu can provide more professional services than other  companies who cover all industries.

One-stop services - LinkYiwu's quality inspection service is part of LinkYiwu's one-stop services. While enjoying the LinkYiwu Quality Inspection service, you may also  realize the value of the other services LinkYiwu can provide you with, and may wish to try these other services as well; as they can help you cover the whole progress  of supply chain management.

Cost-effectiveness - The LinkYiwu Quality Inspection service is more cost-effectiveness than doing it through your own people.

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