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Yiwu market purchasing service

We can help you make a purchase report, based on the data analysis of our web site and the domestic industry distribution. As long as you send an inquiry on our website at, our marketing assistant will provide you with valuable advice, for example which area can find the products you want, what kind of factory to meet your requirement, price range, then advise you how to successfully manage your orders, design style, quality control, key nodes, logistics and so on. So that through our report can help you more easy to find the right factory.Contains the following services.

Yiwu market purchasing service

        1. Take you to the market and find the products you need, Yiwu has more than 20 markets, covers more than 1.7 million kinds of products.

        2. We not only take you to the market as a translator, also help you bargain, strive for the best price for you.

        3. Our purchasing staff will help you to record needed information for customs clearance like product information, photos, size, weight, and put into electronic form.

        4. Confirm your order volume, delivery time, distribute payment to each supplier.


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