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Book hotels

        Lance can help you with the lowest price book Yiwu star hotel, you can click here to see Yiwu good hotels, our online hotel reservation system will be launched soon, so can greatly convenient guest reservation.



Many times your local travel agent can't be very helpful for your travel route plan in China, because they are not familiar with the situation in China, and their choice is very limited. So you may receive a strange trip schedule which may make your travel without a clear purpose or inefficient. In addition, frequent traveling is very boring and tired.Many businessmen often go to nowhere but the three: Airports, hotels, factories, instead of seeing and enjoying some local conditions and customs of China or something interesting.Lance will help you better planing your journey in China, not only reducing the cost of your business trip, but also make you traveling more convenient, more efficient and happier.This trip arrangement include the plane, train or even luxury bus tickets, car rental, hotel reservation, invitation letter, as well as the airport service and the hotel shuttle. If necessary, our assistant will guide you to the station, the airport or your factory. Lance assistant will make full use of your time, will arrange some interesting place in accordance with your business trip, making your journey more comfortable and relaxed.


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